Bryan Herrera

My name is Bryan Herrera, a young business entrepreneur and real estate advisor living the dream of belonging to such a beautiful island like the Dominican Republic surrounded by magnificent beaches and enjoying the always sunny weather. Raised in Santo Domingo, I understand and appreciate the many unique benefits of living in the Caribbean with its unmatched attractiveness, culture, and gastronomy. My hobbies include snorkeling, playing golf and pool, and spending time with my family. Because I’m majoring in business management I also comprehend the real estate business from an investment perspective, which allows me to be by your side at every single step of the process of becoming a new homeowner no matter the objective that you want to accomplish.

As a result of being in the customer service and sales industry for over 7 years, working with amazing teams in various fields like technology and aviation, I’m very passionate about providing peerless attention to detail and successfully fulfilling my client’s needs. I strive to make every transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. I recognize that my clients should be prioritized over everything else, staying committed to their interests and decisions.  

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