Genesis Brito

I am Genesis Brito. Born in Venezuela, I pursued studies in tourism and worked as a flight attendant from a young age. However, due to the oppressive dictatorship regime in my country, it became challenging for young individuals like myself to fulfill our dreams. Seeking a new beginning, I made the decision to relocate to the Dominican Republic.

In 2016, I arrived in the Dominican Republic and instantly fell in love with the lifestyle it offered. I began my journey in the hospitality industry as a public relations assistant. I have always had a passion for helping others and meeting new people. Fluent in English, I found myself thriving in this new environment. It was during this time that I first became acquainted with real estate when my partner and I established a property rental system on Airbnb. Through this experience, I had the opportunity to connect with many colleagues and my enthusiasm for the business grew.

Later, I discovered an incredible company that became my university in the field of real estate. The satisfaction I derived from advising others on investing in this beautiful island was immeasurable. Punta Cana, in particular, presents countless incredible opportunities for growth. If you own property in the area, you understand the charm and ease of buying and renting in this small paradise. The region is experiencing significant growth, and since the pandemic, when I began studying real estate, we have seen the highest influx of visitors ever recorded. The new developments and properties we handle in the area are incredibly accessible. We have open doors to obtain credit, attractive interest rates, excellent lawyers, and advisors like myself who are ready to assist and guide you in making the best investment or purchasing your second home in Punta Cana.

Currently, I reside in Cap Cana, a prestigious community known for its beautiful marina and exquisite amenities. With its three thousand meters of pristine beaches, a mesmerizing blue lagoon, golf courses, exclusive hotels like Hyatt, and thrilling activities, Cap Cana is truly a golden destination. When we sit down to discuss your housing needs, I will introduce you to the finest and most trustworthy options tailored to your preferences. I possess comprehensive knowledge of the entire area, and it would be my pleasure to provide you with expert guidance and assistance.

Together, let's make your dream of owning a home in Punta Cana a reality. 

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