Michaela Landova

Hello, I'm Michaela, and I'm originally from the beautiful heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. With a passion for delivering exceptional guest experiences, I spent eight incredible years working on overseas ships as an Assistant Maitre'd and Wedding Coordinator. During this time, my dedication was to ensuring guest satisfaction and maximizing their enjoyment of their stay.

Upon returning to my native country, I transitioned into the hospitality industry, playing a pivotal role in launching several hotels as an FB and Guest Service Manager. However, my keen eye for detail and desire for new challenges led me to embrace my entrepreneurial spirit. Venturing into the business world, I discovered my innate talent for delivering exceptional client experiences professionally.

Amidst the Covid pandemic, I made a spontaneous decision to visit the breathtaking Dominican Republic. Amidst its beauty, I realized I didn't want to wait until retirement to live in paradise. Determined, I returned home, tied up loose ends, and embarked on a new journey.

Today, captivated by the Dominican Republic's year-long beautiful weather, warm people, vast ocean, and diverse natural wonders, I've joined a professional team of experienced real estate agents and leaders in the DR industry for the last 25 years. I'm thrilled to offer my real estate expertise to help you find your dream home or make compelling investments for the future.

As a real estate advisor, I'm committed to providing first-class, personalized service. Understanding the significance of finding the perfect property, location, and community aligns with your vision of a peaceful and fulfilling life in paradise. With my deep love for this country and dedication to your satisfaction, I'm ready to offer complete service in buying your dream property in the Dominican Republic.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together, exploring real estate options, discovering the ideal location, and immersing yourself in circumstances that make your life in paradise everything you've dreamed of. Feel free to reach out with any special requests so we can discuss your ideas in more detail and find the perfect place for you.

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