Publicado por Mario P Crestman

One thing is clear when investing in real estate: amenities make all the difference! This aspect may seem simple, but these 'extras' can increase your property's sale or rental value by up to 40%. So, what kind of amenities should you look for in a real estate project to ensure the profitability of your investment?

馃敻 1 Security

It may seem like a basic need, but 24-hour surveillance and access control give you peace of mind, even when you're not home.

馃敻 2 Green Areas

Many projects currently offer access to common green areas, as it is becoming essential to have spaces where children can play without leaving the residential or condominium perimeter.

馃敻 3 Pool

Not everyone likes to take a good dip in the pool, but it's undoubtedly a standout feature in any real estate investment and an excellent way to get to know your neighbors when it's part of a common area.

馃敻 4 Children's play areas and common areas for socializing

If you're a parent, you'll appreciate this type of facility. What parent doesn't want a space where their children can play safely while sitting down and relaxing?

馃敻 5 Gym

Whether you're very active or not, a gym is always a good sign. When you want to rent or sell your home, you can get more out of it, not necessarily in your exercise routines.

馃敻 6 Sports fields

Although uncommon, if you have the budget, consider investing in properties with this added benefit.

馃敻 7 Beach

The holy grail of investment. If your property is close to the beach, your investment will grow. We know this can be not easy to find and may be out of your budget.

馃敻 8 Golf Courses

If you're looking for a foolproof investment opportunity, consider this plus. It may be hard to believe, but many properties offer this amenity without adding an exorbitant cost to the investment.

Please contact one of our commercial advisors if you want to know about projects with these and other additional features.