Publicado por Mario P Crestman

For being the most famous destination beach, for its high tourist attendance, but perhaps without having any idea of what this name contains.

Originally, the surroundings of the Bávaro beach were destined to establish the dormitories where the workers who worked on construction sites in different parts rested, but over the years and due to the attractiveness of the beach, it gradually became one of the main centers tourism in the country and multiple services.

For what has come to become the most emblematic beach of Punta Cana, and to say Playa Bávaro, that is, Punta Cana.

A beach with gorgeous white sand, crystalline waters and calm waves, surrounded by tourist complexes, souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants, and whose entire length can be explored on leisurely walks.

In it there are services to carry out aquatic activities, recreational navigation, tours and physical activities within the Bávaro Adventure Park, tours and lodging in its Marina Resorts and the indisputable visit to the Bávaro Lagoon.

In addition, from its port, departures to the town of Bávaro and Punta Cana are offered, for purchases of interest to the visitor.

You can also count on trips to Casa Ponce de León and Choco Museo.