Dominican Republic and Canada sign open skies

Publicado por Mario P Crestman

The Canadian and Dominican Republic governments have made history by signing an Open Skies agreement after two years of intensive negotiations. This landmark deal removes the majority of restrictions for airlines operating between the two countries, making it easier for travelers and businesses to fly between Canada and the Dominican Republic☀️

The agreement allows carriers to fly from any airport in Canada to any airport in the Dominican Republic, thereby improving direct connectivity between the two nations. This improved connectivity will help boost trade and tourism, critical drivers of economic development in the Dominican Republic💫

Over 715,000 Canadians visited the Dominican Republic in 2022, making it a popular holiday destination. With the new Open Skies agreement in place, the number of tourists visiting the Dominican Republic is expected to increase even further, thereby boosting the Dominican economy in the mining, financial services, energy, and manufacturing sectors✅

The agreement also provides provisions for ground handling services, charter and non-scheduled flights, and codeshare operations. Sixth freedom flights are also allowed under the agreement for passengers, cargo, and combined operations🤩

As the agreement removes restrictions, airlines can offer more frequent and convenient flights, increasing competition and lower airfares for travelers. The Open Skies agreement between Canada and the Dominican Republic will create new opportunities for both nations, further strengthening their bilateral relationship✨