Publicado por Mario P Crestman

The Dominican Republic is the home of Merengue, a musical genre with which the country identifies itself, a seal of its national identity. Currently, it has been adapted to Spanish-speaking youth trends, and because of its contagious rhythmic speed has been climbing positions, reaching importance with a significant demand.

When you walk along the coastline, in all its extensions, you become infected by the rhythm and surrounding emotions. It is part of the culture of the country, which gladdens the soul and excites the body.

In Punta Cana, it is common to hear these melodious and cheerful rhythms, and in it, merengue, bachata, and carabiné or Dominican Son are very characteristic. Typical dances of the Dominican people have been preserved since their ancestors when they originated from African, French, and Cuban influences, which vary in their rhythms, but invite an inevitable joy.

Punta Cana is contagious in everything that brings fun, joy, rest, and relaxation, accompanied by its popular music, which makes it almost obligatory for the traveler to visit the places with live music, available throughout the day, becoming a quality of Punta Cana and Dominican pride.

And if your visit takes place during the days of the Merengue Festival, between late July and early August, when the whole country celebrates it, the fun is amazing, because it is exposed with greater excitement and involves a large number of musical groups, faithful performers of traditional rhythms and new adaptations that their sounds have introduced, but that retain that very Dominican flavor.