Publicado por Mario P Crestman

Punta Cana has several attractions ranging from its natural beauty, to all that the facilities of large consortiums provide, as well as its picturesque villages and friendly people.

And in this let's talk a little of what the magical experiences in outdoor facilities leave us, putting us to the test and with the adrenaline cocktail in hand.

In Punta Cana you can experience your enjoyment in some of its beaches, visit and walks through a Safari, golf, horseback riding, jump through the air on zip lines, walk and tours of the dunes, swim, diving, enjoy the dolphins, fishing, hiking, camping, and guided tours to nearby islands, highlighting attractions that by their content, are in facilities dedicated exclusively to these attractions or distraction, such as visiting museums or theme parks, attending concerts and shows, among other very attractive activities.

All the facilities are planned for the best enjoyment of the traveler, and if you are passionate about wildlife, you cannot miss the Safari Monkeyland, where they offer a guided tour to interact with nature and the restless monkeys and provide you with the travel service from your hotel.

In this park, you can count on a guide who accompanies you and can guide you in one of the languages they speak: German, Spanish, English, or French. You are allowed, respecting the rules, to feed the monkeys and squirrels that cohabit it, you can enjoy the villages of the area, which gives you entrance to know a typical home of the country, and you can have experience on the production of coffee, or cocoa while tasting a cup of these products, as well as fresh, organic or dried fruits that are produced.

They also offer a tour of the Casa del Coco, where you can observe the production of coconut oil.

There are many emotions that a visit to Punta Cana gives you.