Publicado por Mario P Crestman

Punta Cana offers everything: beaches, white sands, crystal clear waters, and an unparalleled feeling of peace in the shade of a coconut tree.

But beyond these beautiful natural sites, some places have yet to be known to tourists, with much to show of the Dominican land.

One of these places is the Bávaro Market, which tourists enjoy for its variety and where you can get all types of souvenirs, making this place a family atmosphere where tourists feel a great attachment to the traditions and people of the Dominican Republic.

Another place, away from the majestic beaches that visitors may not be aware of, and is close by is the Tobacco Factory, which in the best Dominican style, produces cigarettes and cigars of excellence and quality to the point of export, located in the town of Higuey. It has a museum where visitors can see the process of making cigarettes, guided tours through the cultivation of tobacco and hand-rolling methods, and even have the opportunity to roll their own cigars. It's easy to get to from Punta Cana.

These great attractions make visiting Punta Cana the most enjoyable and intimate experience any tourist could hope for.