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Fashion enthusiasts are abuzz with excitement as they eagerly anticipate the upcoming Dominican Republic Fashion Week (RDFW), scheduled to grace the fashion scene from October 4 to 8. The highly awaited announcement was made by none other than the dynamic CEO of RDFW, Melkis Díaz, during a captivating event held at Altri Tempi.

RDFW promises to be a spectacular showcase of fashion innovation, offering a prestigious platform for both national and international designers to unveil their illustrious collections. The heart of this grand event will beat at the Epic Center of the JW Marriott Hotel, nestled within the renowned Blue Mall of Santo Domingo. Esteemed international designers such as Jorge Duque, Ángel Sánchez, and Douglas Tapia, among others, will grace the event with their exquisite creations. Meanwhile, homegrown talent including Giannina Azar, Leonel Lirio, and Sissy Bermúdez will add their unique flair to this spectacular gathering.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Gabi Desangles, followed by heartfelt words from Stefano Queirolo Palmas, the Ambassador of the Republic of Italy. He celebrated the collaboration between the Dominican Republic and Italy during RD Fashion Week 2023, emphasizing Italy's global prominence in the fashion world.

Claudia Zulueta, the event’s Creative Director, highlighted the importance of addressing contemporary issues in the fashion industry, including responsibility, sustainability, and recycling. She underscored fashion as a reflection of societal transformation, promoting the work of creators, artisans, and other vital players in the industry's ecosystem.

Melkis Díaz then provided insight into RDFW's core focus for this year: inclusivity, sustainability, and support for emerging designers facing economic constraints. The event aims to champion ethical practices, eco-consciousness, and fair trade within the fashion industry.

Inclusivity was a central theme, with Díaz expressing the event’s commitment to showcasing and celebrating the beauty of diversity, embracing individuals of all sizes, ages, ethnicities, and genders.

Additionally, RDFW is dedicated to empowering economically disadvantaged local designers through comprehensive scholarship and mentorship programs. This strategic initiative aims to propel their talents onto the global stage and advance their careers.

As the event concluded, Díaz expressed gratitude for the palpable excitement of the attendees and their unwavering commitment to fostering positive change in the fashion industry through their participation in this global celebration of design.

The Dominican Republic Fashion Week in 2023 promises to be more than just a runway event; it's a testament to the evolving values and commitments of the fashion industry towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and ethical future.

Original Source: In 2023 the Dominican Republic Fashion Week returns (dominicantoday.com)