Publicado por Mario P Crestman

This March 19 begins the great circuit of the GFNY route 2023, which is a personal resistance competition, this route offers a spectacle of natural beauties.

Beginning in the very heart of Punta Cana, it will consist of a first section or stage, in its first 25 kilometers, defined as easy competition, since it will be carried out on a four-lane road section.

After which, from kilometer 26, the environment becomes more closed and the most demanding route, with the presence of sharp curves, hills that contrast with the blue of the Caribbean.

The Circuit has several types of competition, where if it is the cyclist's preference, to participate in the so-called short route, which is completed towards kilometer 47, or on the contrary the second modality, the complete or long route, where after pedaling to kilometer 80, we proceed to the return route to arrive and consecrate the long-awaited victory in an activity that has been planned and methodically described for its fans and participants, on a route of challenges, full of experiences and satisfaction.