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The Downtown Punta Cana group recently unveiled an exciting development - the Tourism Business Center, CET, marking a significant milestone in the Dominican Republic's eastern region, particularly in Punta Cana. This area has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, becoming the country's primary tourist hub. The center's construction encompasses an extensive area of 38,000 square meters, featuring a parking tower with a capacity of over 500 vehicles.

Over the past decade, the Dominican Republic has emerged as one of Latin America and the Caribbean's fastest-growing economies. In 2022 alone, the country's GDP witnessed a remarkable growth rate of 4.9%, with the travel and tourism sector contributing significantly to this growth, experiencing a remarkable 26% increase compared to the previous year. This sector's substantial 15% share added over 16.7 billion dollars to the economy. Mr. Luis Ramón Francis Villegas, CEO of Downtown Punta Cana group, emphasized the center's significance as a driving force behind this growth.

With a noteworthy investment of 30 million dollars, the CET project injects a substantial boost into the economy of La Altagracia province. During its development, the project is expected to create over 1,000 direct and indirect job opportunities. The construction will be completed within 36 months, commencing in the first half of 2024 and concluding in the first semester of 2026.

The Tourist Business Center's strategic location, intersecting the eastern tourist boulevard and Barceló Avenue, positions it as a vital destination for Punta Cana and Bávaro residents, as well as employees and clients from numerous hotels. This prime location ensures the center's role as a focal point for both visitors and locals.

Mr. Francis Villegas emphasized how this new commercial infrastructure reflects the ongoing rapid growth in the eastern region. Beyond the CET project, Punta Cana is witnessing the construction of around 20,000 homes, further contributing to the region's expansion. The Downtown Punta Cana group's involvement in executing 1,850 properties exemplifies their commitment to driving this growth.

The CET project presents available premises for sale and rent, offering modular floors starting from 38 square meters. Additionally, it provides space for medical centers to cater to the diverse needs of the community.

This milestone in Punta Cana's growth not only enhances the region's prosperity but also showcases the Dominican Republic's thriving tourism industry. With its prime location and dedication to serving economic and communal needs, the CET project is poised to become a defining landmark in the area.

Source: Downtown Punta Cana announces megaproject ̈Centro Empresarial Turístico ̈. - gastroturismord